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Clock FX (SoC Software) mines the dynamic voltage drop on the clock network produced by RedHawk-SC to calculate clock jitter with SPICE-level accuracy. In addition, the software also accounts for accurate multi-voltage analysis and simulates the delay impact of supply variation on the clock paths.

  • Clock FX (SoC Software) handles transistor level effects such as voltage drop and ground bounce separately.
  • This enables accurate timing at ultralow voltages where margins are razor thin and variability is severe.
  • Clock FX (SoC Software) automatically identifies and simulates all the clock paths in the design using standard cell models or transistor-level SPICE models.
  • Its full waveform propagation provides the accuracy needed to get reliable results at ultralow voltage and advanced processes.


  • Clock FX (SoC Software) is tightly integrated with the Ansys sign-off power analysis tool RedHawk-SC to obtain the dynamic voltage drop for simulation.
  • With the duo synchronized, the database generates a rich set of jitter reports covering various jitter types.
  • Clock FX (SoC Software) is threaded and distributed, dramatically reducing turnaround time and memory requirements, compared to Monte Carlo SPICE.
  • To study and compare the timing jitter (TJ) characteristics, our simulations deploy four core experimental schemes including hybrid mode-locking (HML), ML subject to opto-electrical feedback (OE FB), ML subject to all-optic feedback (AO FB), and ML subject to optical pulse train injection (OPTI).
  • These simulation parameters (if selected) are used to emphasize the role of the timing interaction of the pulses of master and slave MLL and to distinguish from continuous-wave injection.

Clock FX (SoC Software) leverages the SPICE transistor models and full waveform propagation to provide the accuracy needed to get reliable results at ultra-low voltage for advanced processes. Miller-capacitance and other effects are handled correctly, with no shortcuts.

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