Ansys License Server Change

Learn How to Perform a License Server Change with Ease

To modify the license server for your Ansys product that is already installed, follow these instructions.

Step 1:  By entering “anslic” into the Windows search box, launch the Ansys license tool.

Launching the utility as an Administrator is required. Select Client ANSLIC Admin Utility from the context menu. Activate as Administrator:

Step 2: Select the “License Server Machine:” button.
Step 3: Choose “Edit Selected Server Machine” by clicking on the currently active licensing server:
Step 4: Type in the new license server information:
Step 5: Complete! Users should now be able to launch their Ansys products as usual.



For Specialized Ansys License Transfer Solutions:

Please email support@simutechgroup.com and request a license server change.

Note – Historically this process could be done online via the Ansys Customer Portal, however, as of 7/15/2021 the process has changed and must now be done manually.

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