What Makes Simulation Unique? Simulation World 2024

Having the right solution at the right time can mean the difference between tabling thoughts or transforming industries.

With advanced simulation technologies, organizations across sectors are equipped, empowered, and inspired to do big things. From keeping satellites in orbit, to finding sustainable energy solutions, and even modeling and creating safer medical devices and treatments, the limits of transformational products only exist in your imagination.


Innovative ideas come from people just like you. And, with state-of-the-art tools at your fingertips, those ideas become reality.

From May 14-16, hear from pioneers across an array of industries as they speak at Simulation World 2024, a virtual event demonstrating how Ansys technologies can put the power of innovation in your hands. With 20,000+ registered users in 2022, this is the premier online event bringing together engineers, executives, and students alike.

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The Unique Power of Ansys Simulation

This year’s free, virtual event takes place over three days with 14 distinct tracks. See the transformative power of simulation for yourself! Get more details on each track in the original post authored by Ansys Marketing Manager Elizabeth Evans.

Day 1: Inspire

  • Create What’s Next in Mobility
  • Digital Engineering for Mission Success
  • Accelerate Cleaner Energy Development
  • Digitize and Personalize Medicine
  • Ensure First-Time Silicon Success

Day 2: Empower:

  • Tackle Engineering Complexity with Numerics
  • Engineer without Limits.
  • Transform Simulation at the Speed of AI
  • Connect Digital Threads

Day 3: Equip

  • Power Up Intelligent Connectivity
  • Reinforce Structural Integrity
  • Go with the Computational Flow
  • Innovate at the Speed of Light
  • Optimize Across the Board


Simulation World celebrates inspiring engineering achievements while connecting you and your teams with the tools you need. See how Ansys technologies empower you to act on design ideas and make them a reality.