Transitioning from DesignModeler and SpaceClaim to Ansys Discover | On-Demand Webinar

About the Webinar:

Are you ready to enhance your simulation workflow and elevate your design capabilities? Watch this on-demand webinar where we’ll guide you through the seamless migration from DesignModeler and SpaceClaim to Ansys Discovery.

In this webinar, you will:

  1. Understand the Need for Transition: Did you know that Ansys DesignModeler and Ansys SpaceClaim are in maintenance mode? Gain insights into the evolving landscape of simulation and explore how the latest technologies can streamline your design and analysis processes.
  2.  Introduction to Ansys Discovery: Discover the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Ansys Discovery. Learn how it empowers engineers and designers to explore, validate, and optimize their designs in real-time, fostering collaboration and innovation.
  3. Efficient Modeling Techniques: Uncover efficient modeling techniques in Ansys Discovery that can significantly reduce the time spent on geometry creation. Explore the advanced geometry manipulation tools that make design iteration faster and more flexible.
  4. Simulation-Driven Design: Dive into the world of simulation-driven design with Ansys Discovery. Witness how real-time simulation results can guide your design decisions, allowing you to iterate rapidly and achieve optimal performance.


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