How to Borrow Ansys Licenses for Maximum Productivity

Most of our customers, especially medium-to-large organizations, keep Ansys software licenses on a corporate network server. This network-enabled (floating) licensing allows engineers across the organization to have access when they need it.

Each organization has different needs for Ansys products. One organization might be involved exclusively with structural analyses, so they need multiple seats of Ansys Mechanical Workbench™. Another organization might be focused on electric motor design and need a mix of Ansys Mechanical Workbench, Ansys Fluent, and Ansys Maxwell.

Sharing licenses across a corporate network works great, but everyone must be connected to the network. A license is “checked out” when an Ansys session is started up and “checked in” once the session is closed. This “checked out/in” process is controlled by the Ansys License Manager utility on the corporate network.

However, an engineer may need access to a license while he or she is away from the office (e.g traveling to a customer site). The engineer can then “borrow” or “check out” a license for a certain period of time, but that license it is not available to the other engineers during that extended period.

We strongly advise checking with your engineering management and corporate IT department before “borrowing” a license due to the potential impact to other engineers on your team.

To learn more about the “borrowing” process, check out our “How to Borrow ANSYS Licenses for Maximum Productivity” tips and tricks video.


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