Introduction to Optimization and Robust Design

Utilize state-of-the-art optimization methods to automate your simulation toolchains, and generate parametric design analyses for comprehensive robustness evaluation.



Optimization and Robustness Evaluation | Ansys optiSLang Webinar

Gain access to leading-edge algorithms for optimization, uncertainty quantification, robustness evaluation, simulation workflow building, and much more with Ansys optiSLang.  Correspondingly, optiSLang provides users with an open and neutral framework to automate simulation and optimization activities to enhance and streamline design processes.

During this webinar, you will learn from SimuTech Group’s engineering expert, Mike Sobol, SR. FEA Consulting Engineer.  Concurrently, learning Ansys optiSLang’s in-depth capabilities for optimization and robust design.


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Truck Mountings in Multi-Body Simulation under Hazardous Road Conditions

With the aid of Ansys optiSLang, loads may be simulated based on quick and affordable measurable signals for an effective evaluation of modifications to the drivetrain arrangement without the need for repeated, pricey driving tests.

Almost all areas of mechanical engineering can benefit from MBD simulation, but the automotive, railroad, and wind energy industries employ it frequently. Additionally, these multibody systems frequently have to operate in a variety of circumstances and applications, all of which may have an impact on their functional needs.

For instance, a vehicle’s braking system may need to function in a variety of makes and models of vehicles. A machine may need to extract various materials during construction or go through demanding safety checks.



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