Finite Element Analysis Consulting Engineers

With the help of a seasoned consulting engineer, specializing in finite element analysis, businesses can ensure the integrity, effectiveness, and regulatory compliance for structural designs.


The Business Value of Finite Element Analysis

The demand for consulting engineers that specialize in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has increased dramatically as the sector’s technology and products become more potent and advanced.

Companies and engineers may now utilize sophisticated software to more accurately predict how items will behave under a variety of physical settings thanks to the development and enhancement of computer tools.

By means of advanced computational analysis and 20+ years of finite element analysis consulting, our engineers will assist your team in making knowledgeable, and timely engineering design decisions to fulfill project deadlines.

With competitive market rates, businesses can overcome challenging structural engineering challenges at a reasonable budget.


Crack Initiation Life Analysis in Aluminum Structures

Predictive engineering, or  assessment of potential failures via fracture mechanics, is a core component of SimuTech Group’s finite element analysis consulting services.

Our knowledge in fracture mechanics has been accumulated in the lab, in the classroom, and most importantly, on the job (in the field).

We have worked on several complicated projects involving satellites, jetliners, airplanes, submarines, and naval ships.  In addition, we never lose sight of core methodologies relevant for multi-part analyses (e.g. the fact that a tensile stress field (Mode I) is necessary for a crack initiation).

Consequently, close attention is allotted to the presence of environmentally generated stress corrosion cracking. This applies to both Griffith-Irwin theories and equations, as well as and XFEM and partition of unity.

Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel (COPVDamage Tolerance Assessment

A steel or aluminum liner is commonly used in Composite Overlay Pressure Vessels (COPV) Type 3 & Type 4.

Utilizing a metallic liner has several benefits, one of which is the ability to perform an autofrettage treatment on the liner to induce compressive stress. The damage tolerance of the liner during operation is significantly increased by autofrettage.

From autofrettage through burst prediction, the study of COPV Type 3 and Type 4 cylinders for aerospace applications is wholly nonlinear.

At operating levels, the progressive damage analysis (PDA) material-model generated in ANSYS Mechanical enables material parameters to be calculated.

Subsequently, employing holistic FEA stress figures, which guide optimal design suggestions.


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ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code


Thermal Analysis (Thermal Stress)

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