EMAG 202 | Ansys Motor-CAD Advanced Training

Ansys Motor-CAD Advanced Training Course

Ansys Motor-CAD Advanced Training Overview

This course teaches how to improve electric motor designs using Ansys Motor-CAD and Ansys optiSLang, while considering noise and vibration issues. Engineers will learn to explore design options quickly, leading to better motor performance and quieter machines. By addressing noise concerns and combining magnetic and structural design, optimized electric machine designs with less noise can be created. Simulation helps find the best motor and housing settings for quieter operation, saving time and reducing risks in product development.


  • EMAG 105 (Motor-CAD Introductory), and basic knowledge of Ansys Maxwell and Ansys Mechanical.

Who should take this course

  • Electric machine experts and designers.

When you complete the course you will:

  • Receive an official certificate of completion with professional development hours that can qualify for the continuing education requirements upon renewal of a PE license in most states.
  • Be able to:
    • Optimize an IPM design by linking Motor-CAD and optiSLang.
    • Set up an optimization project using the integrated optiSLang export tool in Motor-CAD.
    • Perform optimization for an IPM case in optiSLang.
    • Explore personal designs and variations.
    • Cover areas like electromagnetic force, structural strength, vibrations/acoustics, and multiphysics optimization to reduce noise and vibrations.

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  • Advanced E-Magnetics Features (Demagnetization, Short circuit analysis, etc.)
  • Design Model Calibration
  • Losses Modelling in Motor-CAD
  • Workshops
  • Advanced Thermal Features
  • Important issues for accurate electric machine thermal modelling
  • Machine losses – heat sources
  • Thermal circuit editing capability
  • Machine geometry export for FEA/CFD simulation
  • Thermal model for system modelling
  • Workshops
  • Motor-CAD Advanced Features Lab (Saturation & Loss models, Calculation Settings, etc.)
  • Peak & Continuous performance and Performance maps
  • Drive cycle analysis
  • Turns and Axial length scaling
  • Validation with EMag module
  • Workshops
  • Ansys Motor-CAD NVH Approach and a case study
  • Acoustic aspects
  • Workshops
  • Optimization of Motor Design using Ansys
  • Motor-CAD and optiSLang
  • Workshops

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