EMAG 102 | Ansys HFSS Training

Ansys HFSS Introductory Course in 3D Electromagnetic Design

Ansys HFSS Training Course in 3D Electromagnetic (EMAG) Design


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Course Agenda | EMAG 102

Module 1: HFSS Introduction
Workshops: Band Pass Filter Simulation

Module 2: Boundaries and Simulation Space
Workshop: Patch Antenna Open Region

Module 3: FEM Solution Setup – Mesh and Sweep
Workshop: SMA Coax-Microstrip Stub Auto Solution Setup, Band Pass Filter Broadband Mesh

Module 4: Post-Processing, S-Parameters and Fields
Workshops: Coaxial Tee S-Parameters and Field Plots, Patch Antenna Smith Chart and Field Plots

Module 5: Parameterized Geometry Construction 
Workshops: Microstrip Bend Geometry, WR 90 Waveguide Filter Geometry

Module 6: HFSS Lumped and Wave Port Basics 
Workshops: Microstrip Bend Lumped Ports and Simulation, Waveguide Wave Ports and Simulation

Module 7: High Performance Computing (HPC) and Optimetrics 
Workshop: Microstrip Bend Parameter Sweet and Tuning




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