Ansys EMAG 101

Ansys Maxwell Introductory Training Course

Course Overview:

Ansys Maxwell is the industry leading electromagnetic field simulation software that allows for the design and analysis of electric motors, actuators, sensors, transformers, electromechanical devices, and electromagnetic devices. Learn how to use Ansys Maxwell starting from the foundational level.

Who should take this course:

  • Beginners who need a comprehensive overview of Ansys Maxwell.
  • Intermediate users who do not have a strong foundation and would like to thoroughly learn basic concepts or refine methods taught during the course.

When you complete the course you will:

  • Receive an official certificate of completion with professional development hours that can qualify for the continuing education requirements upon renewal of a PE license in most states.
  • Become proficient in:
    • Setting up analysis problems
    • Solve and post-process results from low frequency electromagnetic simulations such as DC conduction, frequency domain, time domain, electrostatic and optimization studies

Course Agenda

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