Ansys FEA 302

Ansys LS-DYNA Training Course

Course Overview:

Suitable for experienced Ansys Mechanical users, this course teaches advanced skills in performing impact and drop test analyses. Learn to distinguish problems that should be solved explicitly versus implicitly, perform all procedures for an explicit dynamic analysis, and identify and choose element types, materials, and commands used in explicit dynamic analyses. This class is beneficial to engineers who analyze problems involving contact, large deformations, nonlinear materials, high-frequency response phenomena, high-speed metal forming, ballistics, crash impact, or problems requiring explicit solutions.

Who should take this course:

  • Experienced Ansys Mechanical users who are looking to learn advanced methods to perform explicit dynamics analyses in Ansys LS-DYNA.

When you complete the course you will:

  • Receive an official certificate of completion with professional development hours that can qualify for the continuing education requirements upon renewal of a PE license in most states.
  • Become proficient in:
    • Perform various explicit dynamics analyses

Course Agenda

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