Ansys FEA 201

Ansys Workbench Mechanical Dynamics Training Course

Ansys Workbench Mechanical Dynamics

Course Overview:

Suitable for experienced Ansys Mechanical users, this course teaches advanced skills in performing dynamic simulations.


FEA 101 Workbench Mechanical Introductory

Who should take this course:
  • Experienced Ansys Mechanical users who are looking to learn advanced methods to perform dynamic analyses.
When you complete the course you will:
  • Become proficient in:
    • Modal analysis
    • Harmonic analysis
    • Random Vibration (PSD) analysis
    • Response Spectrum Analysis
    • Transient Structural Analysis
    • Apply appropriate damping
  • Receive an official certificate of completion with professional development hours that can qualify for the continuing education requirements upon renewal of a PE license in most states


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Course Agenda | Ansys FEA 201

Use the rigid dynamics explicit solver’s power to evaluate mechanical systems with complicated assemblies of connected rigid elements that are subject to significant overall motion in a reliable and efficient manner. And, apply techniques for analyzing machinery and mechanism systems, including conveyors, drives, indexers, linkages, robotic manipulators, amusement ride components, landing gear assemblies, vehicle suspensions, and gear trains.

Discover the relative advantages of explicit and implicit solvers and how to use both methods in a single workflow to achieve the best-of-both-worlds functionality.

Module 1: Introduction 
Workshop: Flywheel

Module 2: Damping 
Workshop: SDOF Oscillators

Module 3: Modal Analysis 
Workshops: Plate with Hole, Bladed Disk, Valve Body

Module 4: Modal Cyclic Symmetry Analysis 
Workshop: Modal Cyclic Symmetry of Bevel Gear

Module 5: Linear Pertubation Analysis 
Workshop: Linear Pertubation with Two Beams

Module 6: Harmonic Analysis 
Workshop: Fixed-Fixed Beam

Module 7: Response Spectrum Analysis 
Workshop: Suspension Bridge

Module 8: Random Vibration Analysis 
Workshop: Girder Assembly

Module 9: Transient Analysis 
Workshop: Caster Wheel, Gantry Crane, Wire Bonder

Module 10: Component Mode Synthesis
Workshop: Blower Frame CMS



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