Mechanical Workbench – Element Selection Options

Optimize your Mechanical Workbench with the Latest Element Selections

The release of the latest Ansys Mechanical Workbench offers new element selection options.

Selections can be accomplished via picking in the graphics window, or through creation of elemental named selections. For elemental named selections, in addition to direct graphical selection, a variety of criteria can be applied in order to generate the selection, including location, element volume/area, mesh metric, other named selections, and even conversion to/from nodal selections (NSLE, ESLN). After generation, elemental named selections can be exported to text or Excel files through a right-mouse-click. All selections are also written to the ds.dat file after solving as components.

For graphics window selections, element information including element ID, element type, and node ID is immediately displayed in the Selection Information window (ELIST functionality).

There are also several different viewing options for the new element selections, achieved by toggling Wireframe mode and Show Mesh mode on and off.

Following are examples of several of these new element selection options.

Graphics Window Selection


Elemental Named Selections Using Worksheet Option: By Location

Using Mesh Metric to Select Elements of Poor Quality

Using “Convert to” Criteria to Select the Surrounding Elements of 8 Base Elements (NSLE, ESLN)

Elemental Named Selections Written to ds.dat File


Ansys Mechanical 15.0 also offers new options related to results scoping. Both regular and user defined results can now be scoped to elements, either directly using graphically selected elements or through elemental named selections.

Stress Results Scoped to Graphically Selected Elements


Stress Result, User Defined Result Scoped to Elemental Named Selection


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