Ansys AIM Increase Simulation Realism with Multiphysics

Ansys AIM | Simulation Realism with Multiphysics

Some product designs require a single physics solution, while others require multiple physics simulations. Ansys AIM simulation has engineers covered across the board.  Electronic cooling, wind loading on a solar array and the thermal performance of a heat exchanger are just a few examples of applications that require multiphysics simulations.

Setting up and running multiphysics simulations used to be a challenging task involving the transfer of data between multiple physics solvers. With AIM, multiphysics simulations are easy to perform.

AIM provides a consistent workflow and intuitive simulation environment for fluids, structures and electromagnetics that lowers the barrier to entry for multiphysics simulations.


Join us for this webinar to discover how AIM makes it easier than ever to solve your multiphysics design challenges in a single, easy-to-use environment.

Don’t settle for single physics approximation when multiphysics simulations yield more accurate results with AIM.

What do Users like Best about Ansys AIM Simulation?

“User-friendly, with very few technical problems or disruptions, and with a user-friendly approach when working with new employees, work queues, team members, etc., particularly when WFH during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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