Ansys Electromagnetic Solutions for Magnetic Sensors & Actuators

Ansys Solutions for Magnetic Sensors and Actuators | Webinar:

This webinar recording covers Ansys solutions for magnetic sensors and actuators including: Review of magnetic sensor and actuator simulation approaches.  In addition, hall sensor and linear actuator case studies with optimization advanced actuator topics such as side loading and permanent flux.


Magnetic Sensors and Actuators | Ansys Electromagnetic Solutions

Of all the classifications, electric and magnetic sensors and actuators are by far the most diverse in terms of variation within each kind as well as quantity and types. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise since most sensors make use of a material’s electrical qualities, and the necessary output is typically electrical as well.

In fact, it’s possible to make the case that this category includes even sensors that weren’t previously assigned to it. Thermocouples take use of an electrical phenomena that occurs in conductors and semiconductors. Both wave propagation, an electromagnetic phenomenon, and quanta, which are recorded through electronic contact with the sensor’s atomic structure, are the foundations of optical sensors.

Electrical Phenomena in Magnetic Sensors and and Actuators 

Arguments that this is an electric phenomenon are not difficult to make. Most actuators are either electrical or, more frequently, magnetic in terms of actuation.

This is especially true for actuators that must deliver a significant amount of power. We shall, however, restrict ourselves to the following categories of sensors and actuators in this section for the sake of simplicity and to adhere to the fundamental idea of limiting the number of principles involved in each class of sensors.

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