Introduction to Fracture Mechanic Simulation

Fracture Mechanic Simulation | Ansys Mechanical Webinar:

Ansys Mechanical fracture mechanics simulation enables precise prediction of crack growth and criticality in a 3D, virtual environment.  In short, providing engineers with critical insights to make rapid, data-driven design decisions.


Fracture Mechanic Simulation in Ansys Mechanical

Using the Fracture & Fatigue Crack Growth (FCG) software from Ansys Mechanical, engineers may create high-fidelity fracture mechanics models based on the real structural component in a short amount of time. Engineers use this program to examine damage-tolerant designs, calculate precise stress intensity factor (SIF) solutions, and simulate 3D crack propagation.

The Ansys Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation system is user-friendly and well-known in the industry. There are reliable fracture mechanics solutions for foreseeing:

  • Factors that Impact Stress
  • Rates of Crack Growth
  • Growth Crack Path
  • Sizes of Critical Cracks
  • Locations of Important Cracks

Computational Fracture Analysis

The computational fracture analysis method used by Ansys Crack Growth Simulation software is significantly improved and is based on cutting-edge fracture mechanics concepts. For individuals who must make important life extension decisions or decide if an asset can still run safely under the current service loading circumstances, Mechanical’s fracture simulation technique offers more precise answers.

Both two- and three-dimensional crack modeling are supported by the software. Boundary element technology serves as the foundation for Ansys crack models, which seamlessly interact with finite element models.

Leak-Before-Burst Fatigue Analysis

Other crack growth software simply do not have the Mechanical’s advanced features.

For example, simulating crack growth in residual stress fields, applying pressure directly to the crack face for analyses of leak-before-burst types, and looking into crack closure using sophisticated crack surface contact algorithms.

Additionally, the ability to run automatic crack growth simulations under complicated stress loads is one of the software’s most potent capabilities.

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