Structural Exploration with Ansys Discovery Live

Structural Exploration with Ansys Discovery Webinar:

With the Discovery family of tools from Ansys engineers deep-dive into structural exploration is immediately expanded, and enhanced.

In addition, users can deploy the power of simulation like never before, and design better parts in a shorter amount of time.

Structural Exploration in Crestal Regions

Since financial success is the main objective of exploration, sites are frequently picked in order to reveal as much as possible about the prospect’s economic potential.

As a result, the most desirable places first seem to be those that evaluate the major reservoir’s structurally highest point (crest). However, when choosing the places for prospect assessments, it is important to take into account other structural play characteristics.

As structural intricacy or the sophistication of the structural play concept rises, this strategy becomes increasingly important.

Structural Exploration in Off-Crestal Regions

There may be instances where choosing a location based on technical requirements or data quality is preferable than optimizing the economic success of the first well.

These places typically offer more assurance when assessing data (e.g., clearly defined seismic reflectors to help define a crestal position). Off-crestal placements might be necessary for other structural play principles to function.

Advantageous Off-Crest Drilling Examples

The following are some instances where it would be advantageous to drill somewhere other than the crest:

In order to produce the flow rates required to achieve economic success, certain fracture plays in the Rocky Mountain thrust belts of the United States and Canada may be sensitive to forelimb or backlimb positions.

To get a quick evaluation of the reservoir’s matrix porosity, tests have been conducted offshore in the Netherlands. These tests have been drilled off crest and away from hinges.

The quantity of hydrocarbons required for economic success may be directly influenced by the location of the oil-water contact.

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