Ansys Lumerical STACK

Optical thin-film simulation designed quickly



STACK Analytic Solver

In comparison to a direct simulation of Maxwell’s equations, the STACK Analytic solver is quicker. It has functionality for both plane-wave and dipole illumination and is excellent for rapid prototyping for thin film applications. Interference and microcavity effects are captured by the solver.

Scripting-based interoperability

Through the Automation API, Python and MATLAB APIs, as well as the Lumerical scripting language, Lumerical STACK products are flexible and easy to integrate into workflows.

Dipole/Dipole Off-Axis Illumination

Seamless transition between on-axis and off-axis illumination is available for engineers in Ansys STACK who often toggle between multiple resolutions and proximity corrections.

One of the three main resolution-enhancement technologies, off-axis illumination (OAI), has allowed optical lithography to push the practical resolution limitations well beyond what was previously thought to be conceivable (the others being phase shifting masks and optical proximity corrections).

Off-axis lighting must be properly sized and shaped for the particular mask pattern being printed in order to be used efficiently for engineers in this line of work.







Ansys Lumerical STACK In-Action

Functionality and practical industrial applications

Ansys Lumerical STACK Optical Solver Solutions
Practical Application for Coherence Break in the STACK Solver





  • Optical Thin-Film Application
  • Dipole/Dipole Off-Axis Illumination
  • Simulate Thin Film Multilayer Stacks






Ansys Lumerical Products

Designers can model interacting optical, electrical, and thermal effects thanks to tools that seamlessly integrate device and system level functionality. A variety of processes that combine device multiphysics and photonic circuit simulation with external design automation and productivity tools are made possible by flexible interoperability between products.



Ansys Lumerical MODE

Optical Waveguide & Coupler Solver



Ansys Lumerical FDTD

Simulation of Nanophotonic Devices




Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator







Ansys Lumerical CHARGE

3D Charge Transport Solver



Ansys Lumerical HEAT

3D Heat Transport Solver


Ansys Lumerical DGTD

3D Electromagnetic (EM) Simulator







Ansys Lumerical FEEM

Finite Element Waveguide Simulation

Ansys Lumerical FEEM


Ansys Lumerical MQW

Quantum Well Gain Simulation



Ansys Lumerical STACK

Optical Thin-Film Simulation