Ansys Lumerical HEAT

3D Heat Transport Solver


Heat Transport Solver Simulations

For steady-state and transient simulation, Lumerical HEAT provides a 2D/3D finite element heat transfer solver.

  • Automatic mesh refinement
  • Joule heating via electrical conduction
  • Comprehensive models for thermal materials
  • Heat flux, convection and radiation analysis
  • Automatic Programming Interface transfer for heat profiles

Highly Integrated Interoperable Solvers

Self-consistent charge and heat transport simulation is offered by Lumerical HEAT. HEAT can be used in tandem with other Lumerical solutions to conduct multiphysics simulations:

  • Photovoltaic
  • Opto-thermal
  • Plasmonics

Self-Consistent Charge/Heat Modeling

Flexible implementation capable of capturing thermal optical and electro-optical effects.

  • Self-heating effects and property-based variations
  • High-current electronic, photonics and optical devices

FE Interactive Design Engineering

Automatic mesh refinement catered to Finite Element IDE, based on geometry, materials, doping, refractive index, and optical or heat generation.

  • Dual 2D & 3D modeling
  • Import STL, GDSII, and STEP
  • Parameterizable simulation components
  • Geometry-linked sources and monitors for presets
  • Domain partitioned solids for seamless property definition

Comprehensive Material Models

With more than 500 adjustable electronic and thermal properties, the material database enables precise modeling of complicated effects, and scriptable material properties, Lumerical HEAT offers a flexible visual database.









Ansys Lumerical CHARGE In-Action

Functionality and practical industrial applications

Modeling Thermal Materials with the Ansys Lumerical HEAT Solver
Steady-state, Transient, Thermal and Thermal-Conductive Simulation





  • Rapid Transition from 2D & 3D Solvers
  • Self-Consistent Heat/Charge Transport
  • Conductive, Convection & Radiative Effects






Ansys Lumerical Products

Designers can model interacting optical, electrical, and thermal effects thanks to tools that seamlessly integrate device and system level functionality. A variety of processes that combine device multiphysics and photonic circuit simulation with external design automation and productivity tools are made possible by flexible interoperability between products.



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Ansys Lumerical HEAT

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