Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (TECS) 

We are proud to showcase SimuTech Group support, our premier technical support lead by engineers for engineers.

Our engineers ask questions so that we understand your project and goals more deeply.

Through Technical Enhancement and Customer Support (TECS) our on-staff, expert engineers can offer insight into how you can best apply and utilize all the features, technologies, and advancements within the Ansys Software Suite. Allowing you to achieve the best solution for your project while staying on time.

Our on TECS Customers* receive priority service that includes the following:
  • Access to the customer portal
  • Quality assurance for ISO certificate on support and software development
  • Timely release of corrective and adaptive maintenance
  • Frequently updated software releases featuring enhanced capabilities and cutting-edge technologies
  • And much more

*Benefits are based on a yearly fee based on your license

Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (TECS) Contact:

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