Ansys ACT (Application Customization Toolkit) & App Store


One hour (slightly longer) webinar recording where our Ansys ACT expert discusses:

Overview of Ansys ACT:

  • What is Ansys ACT: features & product support
  • Appstore: Download and install an extension
  • Extension examples: Anatomy of an extension through examples
  • How to create custom features in Mechanical
  • Process automation: the ACT Console and the API
  • Simulation API Wizard Resources for the future
  • The Ansys App Builder ROM and Digital Twins

Overview for Workbench Mechanical’s Ansys ACT (Self-Paced Learning Method)

Course Summary

Ansys Application Customization Toolkit ACT in Workbench Mechanical / Meshing is the subject matter of this training. You will discover the operation of the development tools and examine its API. You will be able to automate the generation of common tree objects in Mechanical/Meshing after completing the course. You will also be able to create custom loads and results in Mechanical or its integrated modules, and you will have a solid grasp of the toolkit’s possibilities.

  • It’s necessary to be familiar with Ansys Workbench, Meshing, Mechanical, and DesignModeler.
  • Python programming fundamentals are advised but not necessary.
  • Target Clientele Designers and Engineers
Teaching Method
  • Computer labs and lectures to reinforce classroom learning

Learning Outcomes | Ansys ACT

When you finish this ACT course, you’ll know:

  • How to install a binary extension and a scripted extension in the Ansys Mechanical Building
  • How to use the autocompletion feature on the ACT console
  • How to set up Ansys Mechanical’s XMl file for an ACT extension
  • Setting up an ACT extension’s Python script file in Ansys Mechanical
  • Making use of ACT to create the Mechanical GUI toolbar
  • Adding a load item in Mechanical using ACT
  • How to create an ACT extension’s Python callbacks
  • Making result objects in Ansys Mechanical with ACT
  • How to use the ACT console to automate the construction of tree objects
  • Using the ACT console to troubleshoot an ACT extension
  • How to use Visual Studio to troubleshoot an ACT extension

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