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Simulate, Profile and Reduce RTL Power

Ansys PowerArtist is the gold standard for RTL power analysis and reduction software with the most comprehensive features and capabilities to enable power-efficient design early in the design flow.





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  • Make reliable design decisions early with unique PowerArtist PACE™ technology
  • Dynamically models physical effects, such as clock distribution and wire capacitance, for reliable RTL power numbers versus post-layout.
  • Identify power hotspots and debug their root cause interactively with a powerful graphical interface and comprehensive custom queries to database.
  • Increase sign-off coverage by focusing on critical power cycles identified through powerful scoring metrics and perform early power grid prototyping using RTL Power Model.
  • PowerArtist provides new, adaptive approaches to power system model reduction for fast and accurate time-domain simulation.
  • Reduce clock, memory, and logic power with high-impact block-level and instance-level RTL techniques based on production-proven foundation power analysis technology.
  • Another highlight of PowerArtist is dexterity.  Switching activity information from RTL simulations can be used to optimize the design for dynamic power during synthesis.
  • However, switching activity in RTL and gate-level simulations can show wide power profile variations in the design.  Both techniques and corresponding vantage points are provide in PowerArtist.
  • Users can also generate RTL power profiles of system application-level activity scenarios, such as OS boot up, orders of magnitude faster, and avoid late and costly surprises.
  • Utility and Power Generation operations and maintenance (O&M) based energy efficiency systems rely on reliable and defensible methodologies for developing energy models that provide a sound basis for quantifying savings results.
  • Without the capability to precisely separate the effects of O&M-type improvements from changes in production, ambient circumstances, or other energy driver variables, individual initiatives may yield to a lack of management backing or general skepticism of stated savings on the part of package evaluators.
  • PowerArtist resolves this conflict, outlining core steps in the UI to develop strong regression-based energy models for monitoring and recording energy savings in industrial efficiency systems.
  • In addition, with PowerArtist, users can prevent power creep through regular and rigorous monitoring of power and power efficiency metrics throughout your design development cycle.
  • PowerArtist provides the industry’s fastest power profiling capability, which can analyze the activity of real applications comprising tens of milliseconds within hours — several orders of magnitude faster than traditional approaches.
  • New vector analytics score vectors for peak power coverage enabling designers to identify testbench deficiencies and enabling IR flows by ranking vectors for maximum coverage with minimum cycles.
  • Efficient activity transfer interfaces with emulators enable fast streaming of millions of RTL activity cycles.

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