12 Days of Simulation | 2023 Webinar Wrap Up

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained and shared through a series of webinars. These practical tips & tricks, in-depth demonstrations, and valuable insights are intended to empower you to overcome your engineering and design challenges.

Here’s an overview of the key highlights from our recent simulation webinars as we bid farewell to 2023.

1. Introduction to Optimization and Robust Design using Ansys OptiSLang

Each day, product innovations are getting more complex. Remove tedious manual tasks from your product development process with Anysys optiSLang, the leading simulation tool that allows users to fully automate Multiphysics simulations.

Join this webinar to see expert SimuTech Group Engineer, Mike Sobol, explore specific capabilities for optimization and robust design within Ansys optiSLang.

IMAGE: Introduction to Optimization and Robust Design using Ansys OptiSLang

2. Unlocking the Power of Rapid Multiphysics Simulations with Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery allows engineers to explore, iterate, and innovate with unprecedented speed and accuracy. By diving deeper into their design’s details, Ansys Discovery allows users to refine a concept and introduce multiple physics simulations to better account for real-world conditions.

Watch this webinar on-demand and get live demonstrations of: 

  • Geometry Preprocessing: See how Ansys Discovery simplifies the process of preparing your geometry for FEA and CFD simulations.
  • Rapid Analysis and Design Exploration: Examples of solving FEA and CFD and exploring different designs quickly.
  • Transferring models to flagship Ansys tools such as Ansys Mechanical and Fluent.
IMAGE: Unlocking the Power of Rapid Multiphysics Simulations with Ansys Discovery thumbnail

3. Accelerate your Electric Motor Design

Electric motor design, analysis, and optimization are all possible with Ansys’s full-system integration to evaluate magnetic, thermal, and acoustic performance. In this on-demand webinar, SimuTech Group engineering experts present ways that Ansys tools can help you achieve an accurate and robust motor design optimized for performance, cost, and efficiency.

IMAGE: Accelerate your Electric Motor Design thumbnail

4. Photonics/Optics System Co-Simulation Capabilities

Get an in-depth look at the Ansys Optics Suite. 

The Ansys Optics Suite of tools can be used to design and analyze complex optical systems with accuracy and speed. Our expert Photonics Engineer, Stephen Lin, will guide you through a comprehensive overview of the Ansys Optics Suite, with a focus on Lumerical’s unique features and capabilities. We will showcase how Lumerical can simulate and analyze a range of optical devices and systems, such as waveguides, ring modulators, and grating couplers.

IMAGE: Photonics/Optics System Co-Simulation Capabilities thumbnail

5. Accelerating Simulation with Ansys HPC

Running complex CFD simulations can take a lot of time and computer power. Whether you’re dealing with big models or doing lots of trial-and-error tests, you’ve probably felt the frustration of waiting for weeks to get results.

During this webinar, our expert engineers will demonstrate how to make your simulations much faster by using the right kind of computer hardware.

IMAGE: Accelerating Simulation with Ansys HPC thumbnail

6. Explore the Four Pillars of Electrification

Simulate the four pillars of electrification: battery, power electronics, electric motors & powertrain.

Gain a deeper understanding of how high-performance computing (HPC) can be used to fully explore designs, and see system simulation linked to 3D electromagnetic simulation can optimize the drive and machine.

IMAGE: Explore the Four Pillars of Electrification thumbnail

7. Advanced Element Technologies in Ansys LS-DYNA

Time to go beyond the typical Lagrange elements! With a rich set of advanced element technologies, LS-DYNA can be utilized for fluids, large deformation, ballistics, fracture, particles, and explosions.

Join Principal Engineer Jeff Heckman as he explores many of these technologies and the physics to which they are most applicable.

IMAGE: Advanced Element Technologies in Ansys LS-DYNA thumbnail

8. From Lens to Full Systems: Ansys Zemax Overview

Learn how to leverage Ansys multiscale and Multiphysics simulation platform to accelerate the development of camera models. Beginning with an overview of the Ansys Optical Suite, Optical Engineer Lauren Scheg will utilize the design workflow for smartphone camera modules in Zemax.

Join this on-demand webinar to learn about everything from modeling, optimizing, and tolerancing optical designs to doing opto-mechanical design and stray light analysis.  

IMAGE: Ansys Zemax Overview: From Lens to Full Systems thumnbnail

9. Overview of Meshing with Ansys Fluent’s Fault-Tolerant Meshing Workflow

Learn how to create CFD meshes when faced with faulty CAD geometry with Ansys Fluent’s Fault-Tolerant Meshing (FTM) Workflow in this quick tips and tricks webinar.

IMAGE: Overview of Meshing with Ansys Fluent’s Fault-Tolerant Meshing Workflow thumbnail

10. Antenna Platform Integration with Ansys HFSS

From commercial uses like cellphones to autonomous vehicles to integrated ground-based communication systems, antennas can be found almost anywhere. Assess “what if” real-life scenarios with precision using electromagnetic simulation of antenna design with Ansys HFSS.

During this webinar, we will explore various aspects of component design, antenna placement and Co-Site, automatic adaptive meshing, and EMI/Co-Site Interference.

IMAGE: Antenna Platform Integration with Ansys HFSS thumbnail

11. Co-Packaged Optics with Ansys Icepak

Modern applications such as 5G, AI, ML, and HPC all present engineering challeneges. Join this webinar to learn how to leverage co-packaged optics (CPO) and learn how CPO brings optics closer to electronics.

We will focus on overcoming thermal crosstalk challenges between photonic ICs and electronic ICs, which can impact temperature-sensitive components like ring resonators and lasers. Using Ansys Multiphysics portfolio, we’ll demonstrate a design flow that combines Icepak for thermal modeling of the complete CPO.

IMAGE: Co-Packaged Optics with Ansys Icepak thumbnail

12. Ansys Structural Topology Optimization

Light-weighting and reducing material cost has never been more important. View this on-demand webinar to learn how the Ansys Mechanical products can be leveraged to produce an optimal material layout and design.

IMAGE: Ansys Structural Topology Optimization thumbnail

As we wrap up these sessions, we want to extend our gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and curiosity! Your passion for technology is what drives us to continue delivering top-notch demonstrations and fostering a community of continuous learning.

Stay tuned for more exciting webinars and events in the upcoming year. We look forward to sharing new technologies and helping to solve your engineering challenges.

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Happy holidays and happy learning!