Instant Access to Engineering Materials Database

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Add Ansys Granta MI to Your Toolbox for Instant Materials Information

For the first time, engineers can gain instant, accurate access to the Ansys Granta MI materials database within Ansys Workbench™.  This feature enables engineers to speed up their materials selection and improve workflows.

In late 2018, Ansys acquired Granta Design, the premier provider of materials information technology. Through the MI Materials Gateway window within Ansys Workbench, users can access validated materials.  This includes information in several categories, including steel, plastics, and aerospace.

If you know which material you’re looking for, you can select it directly. Or you can search with keywords like “aluminum 6061,” and the material’s property datasheets will be shown to you.

Also, you can ask Ansys Granta MI to show you materials with defined specs, like yield strength above or below a certain value. After this, users can then compare and contrast different materials.

Access to Engineering Materials Database

The information and models can be accessed and imported directly to your Ansys project, eliminating the risk of errors. In addition, full traceability information is included.

Best of all, the integration is simple, quick, and useful for a variety of projects.

For more information about Granta MI, and our Materials Database, please watch our video below:

Granta provides sample materials property data with each copy of Ansys Workbench, so you can try it today. If you’re interested in Granta, please contact us for more information.

Cutting-edge Material Intelligence for Your Business

Granta MI Enterprise offers businesses an all-inclusive materials data management solution based on its 25 years of materials experience. Boost business efficiency, safeguard material intelligence, and facilitate digital transformation.

Software for CAD, CAE, and PLM can be seamlessly integrated thanks to our innovative MI Gateway and Enterprise Connect. We provide cutting-edge material processing, from Composites to Additive Manufacturing.

  • Integration of CAD, CAE, and PLM
  • Obtain 250,000+ Resources
  • The “Gold Source” for Materials Information
  • Analyze the risk of restricted substances
  • Supports additive manufacturing

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