Ansys PathFinder-SC (Semiconductor) |
Electrostatic Discharge Simulation Software

Ansys PathFinder-SC is a high-capacity solution to help you plan, verify and sign-off IP and full-chip SoC designs for integrity and robustness against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

The All-Encompassing ESD Solution for Analysis, Debug and Performance Optimization of IC layout and Circuits

In addition to verification and sign-off IP and full-chip SoC designs for integrity and performance, the software also identifies design issues that can cause chip or IP failure from charged-device model (CDM), human body model (HBM) or other related ESD events.

PathFinder is signoff certified by all major foundries, ensuring that interconnect parasitics, HBM/CDM ESD automation and current-density checks are silicon accurate. It’s layout-based GUI facilitates rapid root cause detection and intuitive debugging interfaces.










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