Ansys Zemax Overview: From Lens to Full Systems | Webinar

About Ansys Zemax Overview Webinar:

Download this engaging and informative webinar on the Ansys Zemax OpticSuite.

This webinar starts with a brief overview of the Ansys Optical Suite, then our expert presenter demonstrates the capabilities of Ansys Zemax by utilizing the design workflow for smartphone camera modules. Watch this webinar to learn about everything from modeling, optimizing, and tolerancing optical designs to doing opto-mechanical design and stray light analysis.

The Ansys Optics simulation tools provide numerous engineering applications that help accelerate product design and save costs throughout the design cycle. This live webinar will also cover Structural, Thermal, and Optical Performance (STOP) Analysis. Plus, we touch on imager/detector modeling and full-scene modeling.

Physics explored: Optics; Structural, Thermal, Optical Performance (STOP) Analysis.

Tools used: Ansys Zemax OpticStudio, Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder, STAR module, Ansys Lumerical, Ansys Speos


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