Co-Packaged Optics with Ansys Icepak | Webinar

About Co-Packaged Optics with Ansys Icepak Webinar:

During this webinar, we address the challenges in modern applications such as 5G, AI, ML, and HPC by leveraging co-packaged optics (CPO).

Learn how CPO brings optics closer to electronics, reducing electrical link lengths and enabling high bandwidth with low power density. We focus on overcoming thermal crosstalk challenges between photonic ICs and electronic ICs, which can impact temperature-sensitive components like ring resonators and lasers. Using Ansys Multiphysics portfolio, we’ll demonstrate a design flow that combines Icepak for thermal modeling of the complete CPO, obtaining a temperature map for the photonic layer. This data will then be imported into Lumerical INTERCONNECT for accurate photonic circuit simulation while accounting for thermal crosstalk from the electronic ICs.

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