Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant Evaluates Thermal-Mechanical Model


During the second half of 2010, the engineers at Cummins Jamestown Engine Plant (JEP) in Lakewood, New York were in a state of transition with regards to their Ansys FEA simulation software and the computers on which the Ansys software resides. A corporate-wide initiative had brought in new computers meaning that JEP had its hands full doing software installs, including Ansys. To compound the problem, JEP had not been keeping up with the Ansys release cycle, meaning that they were several releases behind the then current release.


While in this transition period, JEP engineers were handed a high-priority project that required immediate action. The project required a thermal-mechanical analysis that was beyond the in-house experience at JEP. So, the JEP engineers were faced with performing a complex analysis that was out of their comfort zone, on a high-priority, time-sensitive project, using new computers and updated software.

During a routine visit to JEP by SimuTech Group, this situation was discussed. As a result, a corrective plan of action was quickly developed by JEP and SimuTech Group that was soon approved by JEP management. Within a matter of weeks from JEP’s initial discussions with SimuTech Group, the plan was being implemented.


JEP brough SimuTech Group FEA analysts on-site to mento them on building, solving, and evaluating their thermal-mechanical model. Within two days, the JEP/SimuTech Group team had the initial results that they were able to share with the JEP project team. Over the coming weeks, SimuTech Group analysts were able to mentor the JEP analysts so that by the end of the project, the JEP analysts were running the analysis with only occasional technical support being provided by SimuTech Group.

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