Préparation d’additifs 3D
| Automatically Produce Complex Printing Support Structures

Intuitive and easy to use, Ansys Additive Prep is a software suitable for all metal additive manufacturing users, regardless of experience level.


Ordinal Optimization to Solve Complex Deterministic Problems



Model Orientation in Inverted 3D Printing.


Additive Solutions | Maximizing Your ROI

Product Specs:

Ansys Additive Prep 3D | AM Capabilities

  • CAD Modeling –> Computer-aided Design is an essential part of the design process. Before expending your business’ physical resources, our CAD integration brings your idea to life in the 3D digital world.
  • Topology Optimization –> Develop optimized structures considering your particular business’ design parameters like expected loads, available design space, materials, and cost. Embedded early in the design process, it enables the creation of designs with minimal mass and maximal stiffness.
  •  Lattice and Light Weighting –> Building components as a network of unit cells can significantly improve material utilization and performance.  Many of our business partners have shared similar challenges of additively manufacturing parts that were not designed to be fabricated layer by layer.  Our software is an all-encompassing suite designed to account for, and solve these nuances through multifaceted integration.
  • STL File Repair and Geometry Manipulation
    • Editing STL files can be conducted in two different types of modeling software: On one hand, there is CAD software (Computer-Aided Design). It is tailored for construction, provides exact measurements and solid modeling analysis. On the other hand, there are mesh editing tools such as Ansys Meshing and other such MeshLab software. They are designed for modeling, animation, and objects expressed by a 2D surface. Both options are supported in our Additive Suite.
  • Part Nesting and Support Generation
  • Orientation Guidance and Wizards
  • Integrative Solutions for Niche Manufacturing Products
  • Mitigate Expenses of CI Build Cost
  • Metal AM Process Simulations
  • Distortion Compensation
  • Build Failure Prediction
  • Curated Material Property Databases
  • Grain Morphology Predictions
  • Melt Pool and Porosity Prediction
    • Supervised learning provisions automatically applied to dichotomize the melt pools.
    • Real-time monitoring toolkit embedment to detect anomalies in the microstructure.
    • Morphological models and base metrics of analogous melt pools are compared.
  • Traceability and full control of AM data
  • Consolidate, control and share AM data across organization
  • Design validation specialized for AM
  • Structural and thermal analysis
  • Document control and certification