Optical Measurement Software for Virtual Sampling

Visualize Your Prototype Using a Portable and Lightweight Optical Measurement Device.

Optical Simulation for Real-Life Scenarios



Visualize Your Prototype with 3D Virtual Sampling Software



  • The Ansys Optical Measurement Device allows real-time determination of optical surface properties.
  • It includes software necessary for analyzing the results.
  • The Portable Optical Measurement Device quickly determines optical surface properties of a sample on-site.
  • Laboratory Optical Measurement Device is used for photometric analysis with Ansys Speos simulations.
  • With the Laboratory OMD, the photometric analysis capabilities allow you to capture iridescent effects and the subtle spectral effects of diffraction gratings.
  • Physically accurate lighting simulation in the design studio empowers you to preserve your design intent while simplifying visualization and simulation processes.


  • A intuitive workflow and user interface combining Optical Measurement Simulation with the physics-based light simulation capabilities of Light Simulation.
  • Ensures data consistency and places physics-based light and optical simulations in the design team’s toolkit.
  • With this software suite, embedded workflow automatically detects defects such as lighting uniformity or light leakage that cannot be discovered without optical simulations and validates lighting appearance design intent.
  • This accelerates the development cycle by empowering designers with on-demand optical simulations.
  • By integrating these simulations capabilities with designers, engineers save time by reducing the iteration process, speeding your product’s path to consumer markets.

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