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Serving the simulation and innovation community, SimuTech Group provides a variety of general and Ansys-specific engineering resources to enhance our users understanding of software capabilities & applying industry-specific conditional settings to maximize the utility of our software for your business.

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Ansys Elite Channel Partner

For committing to exceptional customer support, software training, and supplemental engineering services, SimuTech Group has been appointed as the Ansys Elite Channel Partner for North America.  With the help of Ansys solutions, customers may fully realize the potential of their simulations.  Thanks to, industry knowledge, specialized training, local presence, and dissemination of Ansys resources.  This includes supplemental advisory services offered by Ansys Channel Partners.  Crucially, elite status indicates that the affiliated business is a trusted, reputable engineering resource.

What “Elite” Status Means for SimuTech Group

Through the resale of Ansys software solutions, Ansys Channel Partners are in charge of providing best-in-class client service. In addition, meeting demanding qualification and resource criteria.  And finally, undergoing thorough training on Ansys technology. Channel partners meeting criteria for customer satisfaction, and breadth and depth of technological coverage, is essential.  Indeed, highly skilled and engineering certification status (PE) are prerequisites.  ECPs must also demonstrate command of the end-to-end customer experience to receive Elite status.