Ansys Installation Resources and Licensing Configuration

Offering a comprehensive software suite that spans the entire range of physics, Ansys provides engineers access to virtually any field of engineering simulation that a design process requires.

Ansys Installation | Resources

These tutorials walks you through the most basic installation and licensing configuration: installing Ansys, Inc. products and licensing on one Windows machine.

This Ansys Installation Resources segment assumes that no Ansys, Inc. products or licensing have previously been installed on this machine.

Or, if products have been installed, all components, including licensing, have been completely removed.

For more information, please see the bottom of this page for Ansys 2022 R2 updates by product type.

Software Download/ Installation

Step-by-step instructions on how to download, install, and uninstall Ansys software.

Ansys License Server

Procedures for obtaining data to create Ansys license keys.

License Management

An introduction to the different options and usages of the Ansys License Center.

License Server Change

Instructions for completing a license server change through the Ansys customer portal.

Hardware Recommendations

High-level recommendations on computing hardware for simulation purposes.

Remote Solve Manager

Step-by-step procedures for setting up the various components of Remote Solve Manager (RSM).

Diagnostic Logs

Instructions on how to gather Ansys diagnostic logs when troubleshooting technical problems.

Rocky DEM Overview

A robust 3D Discrete Element Modeling program for advanced particle analysis.

Ansys Installation & Licensing Center FAQs


Ansys Rocky DEM Resources


Ansys Rocky Installation

Ansys Rocky Hardware Requirements

Ansys Rocky Diagnostic Logs

Ansys 2022 R2 Updates

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Engineering and the Product Life Cycle

Engineering teams can cut through complexity to create the next wave of game-changing innovations thanks to Ansys’ introduction of 2022 R2.  Notably, the complexity of system integration challenges has increased, forcing enterprises to grow and cooperate like never before.

Ansys combines an unprecedented array of new capabilities, performance enhancements, and cross-discipline engineering solutions.  In short, providing visionary leaders the ability to carefully consider creative designs from various angles.  And ultimately, accurately predict how well the products will perform under real-life conditions.

Ansys Product Updates & Releases in 2022

Utilize the newest release to reveal new views

Intelligent Innovation with Ansys

Ansys provides businesses the tools they need to properly comprehend all aspects of system-level performance and make that bold assumption.  In addition, when seen from the right angle, engineering difficulties that initially seemed insurmountable—from multi-scale to multi-physics—become achievable.

System-Level Updates for Ansys 2022 R2

Collaboration Enabled by Integrated Workflow

Build specialized workflows for sector-specific applications while expanding user-friendly features.  Fundamentally, amplifying teamwork throughout the product design and development process.

Workflow Updates for Ansys 2022 R2 


Performance Powered by Ansys Platform

Introducing, new high-performance computing capabilities, substantial developments in GPU technology, and scalable data platforms.  In effect, engineers can overcome hardware capacity restrictions, and acquire the tools necessary to handle the complexity of today’s engineering tasks.

Platform Updates for Ansys 2022 R2