OPT 101 | Ansys DesignXplorer Training Course

The Engineering ‘Blueprint’ Optimization Application

Ansys Design Optimization Training

Ansys DesignXplorer, an engineering ‘blueprint’ optimization application, incorporates both traditional and nontraditional optimization through goal-driven methodologies.


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Module 1: Introduction to DesignXplorer
Workshops: Overview of DesignXplorer, What-If Study

Module 2: Table of Design Points

Module 3: Parameter Correlation
Workshop: Parameter Correlation Analysis on a Beam, Parameter Correlation

Module 4: Response Surface Optimization

Module 5: Details of Design of Experiments
Workshop: Design of Experiments

Module 6: Details of Response Surface 
Workshop: Sparse Grid Method

Module 7: Details of Response Surface Optimization 
Workshops: Optimizing Mixing Tank Boundary Conditions, Response Surface Optimization (Support Bracket), Response Surface Optimization (Cylindrical Support), CFX Optimization (Airfoil)

Module 8: Details of Direct Optimization 
Workshops: Direct Optimization, Direct Optimization (Steel Sheet Triangle)

Module 9: Six-Sigma Analysis 
Workshops: Six Sigma Analysis, Running Workbench in Batch

Module 10: ROM Builder 
Workshop: ROM Example for Fluent




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