Understanding Thermal Control and the Impacts on Product Performance

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Thermal Control and the Impacts on Product Performance

In this webinar you will learn more about Ansys’ heat transfer simulation technology for thermal management of mechanical, fluids, and electronics systems. A broad range of applications across several industries will be covered.

Managing heat and controlling temperature are critical to the efficiency, reliability, safety and durability of many products and processes. Simulation enables engineers to not only identify and mitigate thermal problems, but also to evaluate and optimize the design under different operating scenarios.


What makes thermal management so important?

Electronics require thermal management because consumers seek faster and more compact products (more power-dense). The probability of greater heat buildup is a problem while making smaller, quicker devices.

What are products for thermal control?

To increase electronics’ dependability and prevent early failure, thermal management solutions are made to reduce or dissipate the heat produced by their normal operation.

What are the challenges of thermal control?

Thermal engineers specializing in thermal management or thermal control most typically face difficulties related to wear and inefficiency. The majority of customers must adequately cool their systems since heat causes component wear to occur more quickly. Systems’ interiors are becoming increasingly congested, leaving less room for heat to evacuate.

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