How to Obtain Data Necessary to Create ROCKY License File(s)

Run the following procedure on each system that you have designated to be a license server.

Windows x64 Systems

  1. Press Win + X key, or right-click the Start button. Click Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  2. Type “cd c:/“.
  3. Enter the commandCommand Prompt: “getmac /v > ipconfig.txt & hostname >> ipconfig.txt“.
    Windows PowerShell: “getmac /v > ipconfig.txt ; hostname >> ipconfig.txt“.
  4. Open the “C:/” folder and send us the file called “ipconfig.txt”.

Linux x64 Systems

To generate the license file you will need to send me some data from the server machine, download the file GetLinx64Hostid.zip, unpack the * .zip and run the GetLinx64Hostid file on the server machine. Send us the file called *.info file that will be generated.

  1. Open a Linux Terminal Using Ctrl+Alt +T. Simply hold all three keys at the same time, and a terminal window will open.
  2. Type “cd Download”.
  3. Enter the command “unzip GetLinx64Hostid.zip”.
  4. Enter the command “./GetLinx64Hostid”.
  5. Send us the file called “*.info”.

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