Ansys Lumerical Workflow for Photonic Sub-wavelength Grating Based Devices | Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we demonstrate a multi-solver design workflow using ANSYS Lumerical to design a sub-wavelength grating-based ultra-wideband filter.


We discuss the step-by-step usage of various ANSYS Lumerical solvers to create a design flow that is advantageous over standard workflows.

The workflow scripts will be available open source via a Github repository.
Please continue to tune in for the release date!



Experimentally, the filter obtained 0.8 dB and 0.3 dB insertion losses at the low-pass and high-pass ports respectively.

For more details on the filter design, the conference paper will be available for the 2024 IEEE Photonics Conference[1]: Silicon Photonic Adiabatic Low-pass/high-pass Filters Using Sub-wavelength Grating Waveguides.

[1]  https://ieee-ipc.org/

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