SimuTech’s Commitment to High-Quality Mechanical Testing Services

Defined by Years of Experience

For over 30 years, SimuTech Group has combined experimental and simulation techniques to validate finite element models.  In addition to validation, ensuring practical application via updating modeling parameters with real-time data.

Testing is a service that sets SimuTech apart from the rest. Allowing us to physically test data in real-time provides an added value to our customers.

SimuTech Group’s Commitment to Quality

Our Testing Services Team offers a wide range of services from blade frequency testing to ensure the blade’s natural frequencies are within specifications.  Additionally, strain gauge measurements– measuring static strain due to relatively constant loads.

Consequently, our engineers ensure that we are providing timely, and accurate insights to our wind testing service customers.  In addition, adhering to IEC standards when it comes to power performance or mechanical load testing of large scale commercial wind turbines.

Finally, our engineering testing services are comprehensive in both the quality and competence, set by industry standards. Through this formal commitment, our engineers recognize that project requests must fulfill all specified requirements and requests of the customer.

High-Quality Mechanical Testing Services

As for SimuTech Group, our Testing Services Team are proud to have served United States and Canadian businesses over the last 30 years, and are committed to serving community’s and SMEs alike, in the future.


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