Topology Optimization in Ansys Workbench Mechanical

Topology Enhancement in Workbench | Ansys Webinar:

Advanced Topology Optimization on-demand webinar (FREE) for Ansys Workbench Mechanical.


This webinar is designed to provide the knowledge about the topology optimization workflow options available in Ansys Workbench.

Topology Optimization Software Solutions

  • Looking for a fully automatic topology & Meshing software? Check out Ansys TurboGrid.
  • Generate Real-Time Insights for your Turbomachinery Designs with Ansys VistaTF.

Topology Enhancement in Additive Manufacturing

Improvement of High Temperature and High Pressure Heat Exchanger Performance

For the design and production of high-temperature, high-pressure, and compact heat exchangers, this exploratory topic aims to complement ANSYS TOP-OP technologies.

Through the joint application of the twin technologies of topology optimization (TO) and additive manufacturing (AM), which when combined have the potential to expand the design space and enable transformative designs, teams will develop improvements in Ansys heat exchanger designs to enable superior thermomechanical performance and increased power density, life cycle durability, and cost-effectiveness.

In a wide variety of industrial settings as well as in daily life, heat exchangers play a crucial role in the efficient thermal energy exchange process. They are widely used in the production of electricity, transportation, petrochemical processing, waste heat recovery, and a number of other industries.

Minimizing Pressure Drop Penalties via Topology Enhancement

Due to the difficulties in achieving the ideal balance between increased heat transfer rates and minimal pressure drop penalties while satisfying thermo-mechanical and cost criteria, as well as life cycle durability, heat exchangers provide special problems in materials and manufacturing.

To fully capitalize on the combined advantages of the two technologies, topology teams will integrate TO with advanced manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing. This will result in superior thermal performances, lower fabrication costs, and a reduction in the amount of post-processing needed for Ansys heat exchanger designs.

Advanced Multiphysics TopOpt Techniques 

In this most recent webinar, a proposed framework integrates cutting-edge TopOpt techniques with multi-physics considerations and additive manufacturing constraints based on the strategy chosen. Power generation systems for hybrid aviation and ground power systems will be made possible by the suggested unified, multi-physics conceptual design approach, which can minimize energy consumption by more than one quadrillion kilowatt-hours annually.

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