H&E Stork Turbo Blading Integrates Frequency Testing into Manufacturing Process


H&E Stork Turbo Blading is the premier independent manufacturer of rotating and stationary blading for steam & gas turbines, axial compressors, and hot gas expanders. To ensure product quality, the natural frequencies are checked before delivery to the customer. H&E Stork is in the business of providing fast, reliable, flexible, personalized service, and needed a business partner with the same high standard to frequency test blades.


During a maintenance outage, H&E Stork’s customer (a power plant) encountered an urgent need for a row of steam turbine blades. With the plant losing over $1M per day, every hour of the manufacturing process was critical. H&E Stork needed fast and reliable frequency testing for quality assurance.


By integrating frequency testing into the manufacturing process, SimuTech Group provided the rapid response and high quality of service that H&E Stork required. Doing so allowed H&E Stork to immediately retune blades that were not initially within specifications.

SimuTech Group is a valuable partner in our regular business of building blades for the turbo generation industry. We can always count on SimuTech Group to support our efforts in meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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