SimuTech Group Celebrates International Women’s Day

Katie Lally, Owner and President of SimuTech Group, discusses International Women’s Day

As a female business owner, International Women’s Day is a time for me to reflect on the progress we have made in achieving gender equality in the workplace. Since I joined SimuTech Group in 2015, our staff count has grown an astounding 262% and female representation has increased fourfold.

I firmly believe that a company can only reach its full potential if its workforce is diverse and inclusive. Women bring with them a unique set of skills and perspectives that are essential to the success of any business. By prioritizing a diverse working environment, we can capitalize on the full range of ideas and potential solutions that come with a wide variety of backgrounds. Further, by supporting women in technology, businesses can ensure they have the best talent and resources available. 

Chart depicting female on-staff representation at SimuTech Group since our beginnings in 1981

I am pleased to celebrate the incredible female staff here at SimuTech Group. It is inspiring to see the passion and dedication my female colleagues bring to their roles each day, and I am proud to stand alongside them as we continue to focus on fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace. 

About SimuTech Group

SimuTech Group has over 40 years of experience inspiring clients to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver transformational products. We offer partnership and engineering expertise, through Ansys simulation products specializing in structural, thermal, electronics, optics, and fluid analysis. In addition to Ansys simulation products, we offer technical support, training, consulting services, mentorship, and physical testing.

SimuTech is the Trusted Advisor to over 4,500 clients, helping Ansys users gain insight to improve product efficiency, reliability, and performance through a full-service approach from sales to support. With employees located all over North America, we are proud to be able to provide both virtual and in-person services and support to customers in all 50 states and Canada. We invite you to connect with our team of engineering experts to problem-solve your Ansys challenges and move your projects forward.

Katie Lally, Owner and President of SimuTech Group

Katie Lally

Owner & President
SimuTech Group, Inc.


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