Ansys FEA 105

Ansys Sherlock Introductory Training Course

Sherlock Introductory Course

Course Overview:

Suitable for new or occasional Ansys Sherlock users, as well as for students or novices in electronics reliability, our Ansys Sherlock Introductory course teaches the basics of using Ansys Sherlock to perform reliability physics analysis (RPA).

ansys mechanical reliability for electronics
Who should take this course:
  • New engineers looking to get started with Ansys Sherlock.
  • Engineers with desire to learn introductory methods and concepts relating to electronics reliability and physics of failure.
  • Engineers who have previous experience in Sherlock and are looking for a refresher.
With completion of this Ansys FEA Training, you will:
  • Become proficient in:
    • Understanding the scope of an Ansys Sherlock analysis
    • Importing/checking external ECAD files
    • Validating/updating a parts list and associated part properties
    • Definition of events that describe the environment experienced by the CCA during its target service life
    • Solder fatigue analysis
    • Dynamics (FEA) analysis within Sherlock
    • Understanding how Sherlock results are calculated
    • Displaying results in multiple formats
    • Interpreting Probability of Failure curves
    • Automatic report creation
  • Receive an official certificate of completion with professional development hours that can qualify for the continuing education requirements upon renewal of a PE license in most states or provinces.

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Course Agenda | FEA 105

Module 1:  Overview of Ansys Sherlock Capabilities

Module 2: Basic Handlings for Parts Lists, Layers, Stackup

Module 3:  Life Cycles

Module 4: ECAD Import Best Practices

Module 5: Analysis Presentation

  • Solder Fatigue Analysis
  • Natural Frequencies
    • Workshop- Solder Fatigue Analysis & Task monitor
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Random Analysis
  • Damping
    • Workshop- Natural Frequencies
  • Mesh Settings

Module 6: Results
Workshops: Harmonic and Random Analysis



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