Recommended Strain Gage Series for Specific Test Profiles

Considerations for the Strain Gage Series selected must include that of specific test profiles, such as strain type (static, dynamic, etc.), operating temperature, measurements duration, importance of (absolute) precision, and tests requiring cyclic endurance.




Basic Means for Preliminary Strain Gage Series Election

The opening table (please see below) contains brief descriptions of all general-purpose strain gage measurement series, covering the alloy and backing combination as well as the main construction elements in each case.

or most traditional applications, this table provides the basic means for preliminary gage series selection. It also provides adhesive suggestions, because the adhesive in a strain gage installation becomes part of the gage system, affecting performance of corresponding gauge.

This selection table is used in conjunction with HBM Strain Gauges to arrive at the entire gage selection, which is augmented by the information in the first table. The steps to accomplish this can be found HERE.

CEA Series Strain Gage | Ideal for Routine Strain-Measurements

The CEA Series is frequently the ideal choice for routine strain-measurement circumstances that do not require extremes in performance or environmental capabilities, as shown in the previous table (and not requiring the very smallest in gage lengths, or specialized grid configurations).

CEA-Series strain gages are polyimide-encapsulated A-alloy gages with big, durable, copper-coated tabs for soldering lead wires to the gage directly (below). Almost any radius can be contoured with these thin, flexible gages. CEA-Series gages excel in terms of overall handling qualities, such as convenience, resistance to damage in handling, and so on.

C2A Series Strain Gage | Ideal for Time-Sensitive Analysis’

The C2A Series strain gages have been a popular choice for field applications where time is of the essence.

The C2A Series gages are a laminated polyimide- encapsulated A-alloy gage with 10 feet of pre-attached vinyl cable which helps to save time during the gage installation, whether in the lab or in the field.

W2A Series Stain Gage | Ideal when Water is Present

The W2A is one of the newer strain gauge products on the market, with a layer of RTV silicone rubber put over the top of a typical CEA Series gage pattern to provide water resistance.

Practical Application of Standard Strain Gage Series

Strain gages are ideal for verifying stress and displacement simulation models.  The strain measurements are taken at specific locations and correlated with the simulation results.

Modeling assumptions such as boundary conditions, contacts, and loads may be updated to make the simulation better fit the observed behavior.



Once the model accurately reflects the measurements, more detailed information about the system can be inferred.

In addition, simulations of the modified system can be used to predict behavior with confidence.

SimuTech Group specializes in both strain gage measurement as well as simulation, allowing seamless support when conducting investigations.

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