Turbulence Modeling Best Practices in Ansys Fluent

Webinar Name: Turbulence Modeling Best Practices in Ansys Fluent

Webinar Description:

Learn how turbulence model selection can impact simulation accuracy — even for seemingly simple applications.  The demonstration highlights the relevance of adhering to turbulence modeling best practices, as it relates to competition in the sector.

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Turbulence Modeling Examples

Single-Equation Models
  • Spalart-Allmaras \sNut-92 \sWray-Agarwal
  • Models with two equations: Menter k-omega SST
  • k-omega Menter BSL
  • k-omega Wilcox
  • The Chien K-Epsilon
  • Expressed Algebraic Stress K-kL k-omega
  • Algebraic Stress Explicit k-kL
  • K-e-Rt: Three-Equation Models
  • Elliptic Relaxation combined with three equations:
  • K-e-zeta-f
  • Seven-Equation Wilcox Stress-omega SSG/LRR: Full Reynolds Stress Models Based on Omega
  • Seven-Equation GLVY Stress-epsilon Turbulence+Transition Models: Epsilon-Based Full Reynolds Stress Models
Single-Equation Models
  • SA-BCM
  • WA-AT
  • K-gamma Two-Equation Models
  • WA-gamma
  • SA-AFT Three-Equation Models
  • New SA-noft2-Gamma-Retheta
  • Models with four equations: SST-2003-LM2009

Cases and Grids for Validating Turbulence Modeling

Simple Turbulence Cases
  • ZP: 2D Flat plate with zero pressure gradient
  • ML: 2D Blending Layer
  • 2DANW: 2D A near-wake airfoil
  • 2DN00: 2D 0012 NACA airfoil
  • Axisymmetric Subsonic Jet (ASJ)
  • axisymmetric hot subsonic jet (AHSJ)
  • Axisymmetric Near-sonic Jet (ANSJ)
  • Axisymmetric Separated Boundary Layer (ASBL)
  • ATB stands for Axial Transonic Bump.
Extended Turbulence Cases:
  • 2DZPH: 2D Flat plate with a high Mach number and zero pressure gradient.
  • 2DBFS: 2D Step facing the rear
  • 2DN44: 2D Airfoil trailing edge separation NACA 4412
  • CC: 2D border layer with convex curvature
  • 2DWMH: 2D NASA hump separated flow mounted on a wall
  • Near M=7, ASWBLI stands for Axisymmetric Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction.
  • Axisymmetric Cold Supersonic Jet (ACSSJ)
  • Axisymmetric Hot Supersonic Jet (AHSSJ)
  • 3DSSD: 3D Square supersonic duct

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