Antenna Platform Integration with Ansys HFSS

Antenna Platform Integration with HFSS | Ansys Webinar

Antennas can be found almost anywhere, and the ubiquity makes Ansys Antenna Platform simulation more critical than ever. From Commercial uses like cell phones to autonomous vehicles to integrated ground-based communication systems.  Fortunately, with Ansys HFSS, designers can assess “what-if” real-life scenarios using electromagnetic simulation of antenna design with Ansys High-Frequency Simulation Software (HFSS).

During this webinar, we will explore various aspects of component design, antenna placement and Co-Site, automatic adaptive meshing, and EMI/Co-Site Interference.


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Antenna Optimized

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Ansys Antenna Platform | Design High-Frequency Products with Precision

High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) uses adaptable solvers and an easy-to-use GUI to provide you with unmatched performance and in-depth understanding of all your 3D EM challenges. In order to ensure the thermal and structural reliability of electronic devices, HFSS integrates with Ansys’ thermal, structural, and fluid dynamics tools.

This results in a comprehensive and thorough multiphysics study of the products. By virtue of its automatic adaptive meshing technique and advanced solvers, which can be accelerated by high performance computing (HPC) technology, HFSS is regarded as the industry standard for accuracy and dependability when it comes to solving 3D EM issues.

The Ansys HFSS simulation suite is made up of a complete set of solvers for dealing with a variety of electromagnetic issues, ranging in scale and intricacy from passive IC components to highly large-scale EM investigations like car radar sceneries.

Concentrate Strictly on EM Design via HFSS Ansys Antenna Platform

You may concentrate on the design rather than wasting time choosing and generating the optimal mesh thanks to its dependable automatic adaptive mesh refining. All other EM simulators require manual user control and several solutions to assure that the generated mesh is acceptable and accurate, which sets HFSS apart from others with its automation and guaranteed accuracy. Instead of the physics defining the mesh using Ansys HFSS, the physics define the mesh.

The best EM tool for research and development and virtual design prototyping is Ansys HFSS. It shortens the design cycle time and improves the performance and dependability of your product. With Ansys HFSS, you can outperform the competition and take your market.