Industry and Rotating Machinery (Simulation Plus Physical Testing)

Analyzing Industrial Rotating Machinery | Ansys Webinar

In this 2-hour webinar, we explore combining computer simulation and physical testing in analyzing industrial and rotating machinery.

1. Introduction to Rotor Dynamics Simulation and Workshops Modal, Harmonic and transient – including prestress Multi-spool dynamics simulation Include flexibility of supporting structure and/or disks

2. Torsional Vibration Measurements & Campbell Testing Modal testing of rotor assemblies Torsional natural frequency measurements Bending stress measurements Campbell testing In-situ blade vibration measurements



Common Mechanical Testing Requests:


Turbine Blade Frequency

For new, refurbished, or reverse engineered turbine blades (buckets) to ensure that natural frequencies are within specifications.


Campbell Testing

Measuring the natural frequencies and mode shapes of rotating turbine blade (bucket) rows.


Failure Investigation

Comprehensive analysis of of materials, environment, and operating loads to identify the root cause of a failure.


Generator Vibration

Performing vibration tests on utility scale electric power generators in fossil and nuclear plants.


Ground Vibration Testing

Measure the dynamic response characteristics of an airframe with MIMO signal processing and analysis.


Modal Testing

Deploy an instrumented hammer, EM shaker, or piezoelectric actuator to excite vibration and analyze frequency response functions.


Moment Weighing

Measure and analyze blade weight and the COG location to determine the optimum blade stacking position.


Resonance Assessment Profile

Measures the dynamic response characteristics of a component, system or sensor via modal hammer to excite vibration.


Strain Gage Measurement

Measure static strain from constant loads via pressure/thermal expansion or dynamic strain due to transient events and vibration.


Torsional Vibration

Determine the natural frequencies and mode shapes of a rotor train as it twists about the axis of rotation.  Functional engineering testing.


Vibration Diagnostics

Identify the root cause of noise and vibration problems in machinery via ODS, spectral, order tracking or joint time frequency analysis.


Wind Turbine Testing

Power performance curve measurement, loads testing, blade bending, displacement, and other power performance testing services.


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