Addressing Electronics Reliability with Simulation Solutions


Electronics reliability has become a critical factor for an increasing number of industries and applications. Manufacturers’ trends toward adding new features, accelerating time-to-market, improving first-pass yield, and decreasing warranty rate create a significant challenge for the design and development of modern electronics systems.

Watch this recording to learn about:
– Challenges in electrical, thermal, and mechanical reliability and how Ansys tools are used to provide solutions
– Addressing electronics reliability issues at the package, PCB, and system levels
– Meeting desired reliability goals using reliability physics analysis
-Overview of Ansys Sherlock and Ansys Icepak


Logistics Engineering & Electronics Reliability

The possibility that a system or product will operate as intended for a set period of time, when used under predetermined operating conditions, can be defined as reliability in logistics engineering and management.

In addition, delivering satisfactory performance across the course of a product’s lifecycle is emphasized in reliability engineering. Effective reliability engineers must have a baseline degree of expertise across all technical disciplines.  Moreover, astrong  grasp of failure mechanisms gained from experience and applied knowledge. After all, reliability is engineering in its most beneficial form.

In the past, overdesign was used to make items more reliable. This technique reduced the need to initially comprehend typical failure types and material properties in terms of predicting mechanical reliability.

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