Addressing Electronics Reliability with Next-Generation Electronic Systems


Significant challenges exist to deliver next-generation electronic systems. Traditional Design-Build-Test-Fail-Fix no longer works in the electronic product development cycle for the following reasons:

• Requires too many engineering resources
• Delays time-to-market
• Costs of finding/fixing issues after build are much higher than at design stage

OEMs spend 73% of product development costs on the Test-Fail-Fix portion of the cycle alone.

Ansys, a leader in Engineering Simulation, has the most comprehensive solution for electronics reliability challenges. Whether investigating Electromagnetic behavior (Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, EMI/EMC), improving cooling strategies for increased Thermal Integrity, or assessing Mechanical Reliability and Robustness of electronic systems subjected to harsh environments (thermal cycling, drop, shock, and vibration), Ansys has solutions to help you deliver on your product promise of performance, faster time-to-market, and lower cost.

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