Best Practices: Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler

SpaceClaim Direct Modeler Best-Practices | Ansys Webinar:

Extended design and engineering teams can collaborate on projects simultaneously with SpaceClaim, completing them for a fraction of the price and speeding up time-to-market.

In this official Ansys webinar, engineers will review best-practice techniques using Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler.


Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler

The fastest and most creative 3D solid modeler in the world is Ansys SpaceClaim. Engineers and industrial designers may effortlessly capture ideas, immediately edit solid models regardless of where they came from, and simplify concepts in 3D for analysis, prototyping, and manufacturing thanks to this technology.

With SpaceClaim 3D design software, you can experiment freely with design concepts without being constrained by complicated parameters and constraints. You can edit 3D designs according to your goal regardless of how the model was developed.

Intuitive Element Input and Placement

In addition, users can choose and place specific model elements directly using intuitive tools like Pull and Move.

The Combine tool allows you combine bits of various designs and separates parts into fragments. The Fill tool fills holes and cleans up minor details. Designs should be taken where they need to go without concern for how to get there.

Utilizing SpaceClaim 3D Direct Modeling promotes creativity and enhances teamwork. Although feature-based CAD solutions are very effective for detailed design work, conceptual design, engineering analysis, and simulation-driven design do not suit them.

SpaceClaim enables 3D conceptual design by anyone and encourages enhanced innovation and cooperation because it is simple to learn and use, affordable, and incredibly accurate.

Because of the product’s open file format and data interchange features, engineers can easily discuss designs and make sure they adhere to the established development process.

Engineering with Efficiency | SpaceClaim Direct Modeler

SpaceClaim Engineer, the fastest and most advanced 3D direct modeler in the world, was created particularly for engineers. Engineers can quickly develop concepts and prepare 3D drawings for manufacturing, analysis, and prototyping. Learn the facts.

Viewer Optimization for SpaceClaim in 3D

Want to show a SpaceClaim design to a customer, but the customer doesn’t utilize 3D software? Have you ever wanted to use the shop computer to measure a model? Would being able to load your SpaceClaim 3D markups in 3D be advantageous to the CAD team? If so, you should give the free SpaceClaim Viewer a try, which enables anybody to view and measure SpaceClaim designs, drawings, and 3D markups.

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