How Ansys LS-DYNA is Making an Impact on Sports Equipment

Simulation Software is Laying the Groundwork for Sports Safety

In 2019, the NFL reported 224 total concussions between pre-season and regular season. Faced with the growing focus on head injuries across the league, the NFL is pouring millions of dollars into a program that is intended to bring forward new innovations to help reduce the number and the severity of concussions. The NFL has set clear objectives to guide the development of new helmets that would outperform all helmet models currently worn within the league.

To meet this challenge, KOLLIDE brought together leading experts from the fields of sports equipment design (Tactix), advanced 3D printing (Kupol), and digital simulation with Ansys LS-DYNA provided by SimuTech Group’s customer, Numalogics.

By using Ansys’ explicit dynamics simulation program, LS-DYNA, the KOLLIDE team was able to simulate various impacts, quickly and more efficiently than with physical testing alone. Each piece of the helmet, from the liner to the exterior of the helmet, needed to be stimulated to ensure the team was achieving the ideal safety results.

The result presented by KOLLIDE to the NFL landed the team a grant to continue refining its helmet technology to bring the product to market. “We are very proud because this result confirms that our technology has the potential to revolutionize the protection capacity of the NFL’s football helmets, but also that of any type of safety equipment used in different sports,” said Franck Le Naveaux, Project Coordinator for KOLLIDE.

Learn more about how simulation software, like Ansys LS-DYNA, can take your project or idea to the next level by providing accurate data, quickly and more efficiently than with physical testing alone.

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