Photonics/Optics System Co-Simulation Capabilities using the Ansys Optics Suite | Webinar


This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the Ansys Optics Suite with a focus on Lumerical. We will explore how the Ansys Optics Suite of tools can be used to design and analyze complex optical systems with accuracy and speed. Our expert Photonics Engineer, Stephen Lin, will guide you through a comprehensive overview of the Ansys Optics Suite, with a focus on Lumerical’s unique features and capabilities. We will showcase how Lumerical can simulate and analyze a range of optical devices and systems, such as waveguides, ring modulators, and grating couplers.

Watch this webinar for an informative high-level overview and gain a deeper understanding of the power of the Ansys Optics Suite and Lumerical for optical simulation and analysis.


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The Ansys Optics solution suite uniquely simulates optical and optically enabled products from the nano- to the macro-level, allowing for integrated modeling and co-simulation that enables accurate and robust design.